Lucka Spring Water is the best solution for water intake in the office or at home. Lucka packed in bottles for water coolers (18.9 l) comes from the same source as ordinary bottles of Lucka. It's recommended for everyday drinking by experts and doctors alike.

Water – the fuel of your mind

Do you feel that you haven´t been that efficient at work lately? Have you run out of ideas, do you struggle with fatigue the whole day and occasionally suffer from moderate migraine? An ordinary glass of pure spring water might solve it all! The brain is from 85 % made up of water and the ability to concentrate, think creatively or solve problems fast depends to a great extent on whether our brain has enough of the liquid fuel.

Brain cells need twice as much energy as other cells in the body to function properly, and water is the source of this energy. It brings nutrients to the brain and at the same time washes away the toxic products of metabolism, it is very important for successful transfer of neural signals and also protects the brain from overheating. It is only by appropriate hydration that the brain capacities can function properly and your work performance can reach one hundred percent. On the contrary, lassitude, low concentration or mood changes are typical symptoms of the lack of liquids, which we often neglect to drink at work.

Even mild dehydration can influence mental functions. In the time we start feeling thirsty the loss of water in organism reaches approximately 2%. But cognitive performance at that moment can be as much as one tenth lower! It is therefore very important to continuously respect correct drinking regime also during working hours. An adult man should drink approximately 2 litres of water throughout the day and a woman about 1.6 litres. 

Eva Beňová, M.D.

The basis is pure water

For optimal refill of the liquids we lose throughout the day it is ideal to drink in smaller amounts but often, and to resort to pure spring water suitable for everyday consumption. Coffee with colleagues or soft drinks from snack bar often belong to everyday routine but are totally inappropriate for drinking regime purposes, and the same can be said about strongly saturated mineral waters with a high content of minerals.

Spring water with lower content of total soluble substances under 500 mg/l, just like Lucka, is the most suitable option for everyday drinking. Herbal or fruit teas are also appropriate but only when not sweetened. Sweet drinks increase the feeling of thirst and do not replace liquids effectively.

Drinking regime as a necessity and as a benefit

Securing suitable conditions of work for employees is a responsibility of every employer. The availability and sufficiency of drinking water directly in the workplace is a must, especially during summer heat and in professions carried out in an environment with increased temperature demands such as metallurgy, construction, and glass industries. By exceeding permissible microclimatic conditions, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide optimal drinking regime for their employees and especially drinks that help to replace mineral substances lost through perspiration. Spring water with optimal mineralisation is such a type of drink.

To provide employees with a constant access to liquids in quality which even exceeds the requirements set forth by law also means ensuring their satisfaction. It is a positive signal for the employees that their employer cares and treats them with care. The result then is not only a clear and productive mind but also a motivated working performance.

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