Ideal water for a new life

Water of the best quality for the most sensitive periods of life, ideal for babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

BPA-free and nitrate-free.


Playful drinking for children

Why did we come up with this idea? The answer is that we wish to teach children to live and drink healthy. As they grow up a little and say good-bye to their feeding bottle, they naturally start looking for colourful and amusing containers.


Refreshing for everyone

Unique composition, optimum calcium-to-magnesium ratio, and low amounts of sodium – these are the qualities of Lucka spring water.
Your everyday source for regeneration and vital nutrients.


Appreciation for woman and understanding active lifestyles

Light fructose and minimal calories – that is our recipe/secret to an active life


Legend of the Water Angel

In the heart of Europe, there lies a country with the largest number of mineral springs. A dolomitic-limestone mountain range, called Považský Inovec, hides a true treasure deep underground: the Lucka spring. This intact mountain paradise, formed by nature over millions of years, protects its purity, singular yield, and unique composition. It is believed that the massif and its cave/karst formations have been the hiding place of the Water Angel for ages.


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